UCAN Committees

Program Committee: Chaired by the UCAN Vice President

The Program Committee is responsible for implementing workshops and/or skill-building activities (to include but not limited to the Dr. Mary S. Thibodeaux New Advisor Workshop), works with the Executive Committee to provide programming for UCAN meetings; conducts a membership interest survey regarding UCAN as a whole as well as a survey to assess UCAN projects, programs, and social events; reports results of said surveys to the UCAN membership, and other duties as assigned.

Hospitality Committee: Chaired by the UCAN Secretary

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for reserving meeting rooms, coordinating social and recognition events, organizing refreshments for meetings as needed, coordinating activities to welcome new members to UCAN, and other duties as assigned.

Public Relations Committee: Chaired by the UCAN Historian

The Public Relations Committee assists the Historian as needed, archives current and past activities of UCAN, documents annual projects and programs, edits and publishes UCAN newsletter/web-page each semester, provides information regarding UCAN to internal and external sources as needed (after approval from the President), and other duties as assigned.

Professional Development: Chaired by the UCAN Treasurer

Committee provides to UCAN members connections to professional advising organizations such as NACADA, TEXAAN, etc.  This committee also serves to identify UCAN members who have received special recognitions/honors/awards and works with the UCAN Hospitality Committee to recognize these individuals; creates UCAN recognition awards, develops and updates with the assistance of UCAN membership recommended knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to Advisor I, II, and Counselor positions; and works with the UCAN Program Committee on the Dr. Mary S. Thibodeaux New Advisor Workshop as well as  providing UCAN members professional development activities to enhance identified knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  This committee also promotes continued personal and professional development of UCAN members and advising professionals of UNT, and other duties as assigned.

By-Laws Committee: Chaired by the UCAN President

The By-Laws Committee will be an adhoc group of UCAN members designated to review and amend the UCAN by-laws. Any amendments to the by-laws of UCAN must be ratified by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership present and voting at a regularly scheduled meeting.  Any amendments, if passed shall take effect immediately.

Elections Committee: Chaired by the UCAN Parliamentarian

The Elections Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations for upcoming elections of officers and other positions, compiling the ballot, assisting in the election process, counting the ballots and reporting the results, and other duties as assigned.

Conference/Retreat Planning Committee-Combined with Professional Development Committee 

The Conference/Retreat Planning Committee – Coordinates hosts and evaluates the UCAN conference/ retreat every year in accordance with the budget allocated by the Provost and VP of Academic Affairs.  The Treasurer may elect to serve as chair or appoint a chair.  The Committee Chair and sub-committee chairs, if any will maintain a conference/retreat binder with all pertinent information regarding venue, constituents, contact and contact information, etc and will turn over the binder to the newly elected Executive Committee each year. 


See Executive Officers Page for current contact information.